NFL’s top offensesThe NFL’s top offenses on this list were considered based on particular requirements. When we reviewed each team, we looked at their:

  • Explosive Plays
  • Personnel Changes and Injuries
  • Team Defense
  • Coaching
  • Variance
  • DVOA

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs are an old team, they were established in 1960 as the Dallas Texans but relocated to Kansas three years later. From their twenty-one playoff appearances, they have two League and eleven Division Championships. They recently reached a record of 21-4 when Patrick Mahomes became the team's starting quarterback. The team has the best overall DVOA rating for the 2019 season, although a number of their players have suffered injuries and need to heal.


2. New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Initially, they were established in 1950 as the Boston Patriots, but like other teams, they changed their name during the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Overall, they have twenty-six playoff appearances, six of which resulted in a Super Bowl Championship. Additionally, they have over thirty Division and Conference Championships on their belt. Since 2000 their head coach and general manager are Bill Belichick, and under him, they won three of their Super Bowl Championships. Some of their all-time Hall of Famers are the quarterback Tom Brady and Stephen Gostkowski.


3. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles RamsThe Rams are the only team in the history of the NFL to win three Championships representing three cities. Another team with a rich history that started in 1936 in Cleveland. They won only one Super Bowl in 1999, but they have lots of other Division and Conference Championship titles under their belt. Some of their Hall of Famers are players such as Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, Andy Robustelli, Joe Namath, Ollie Matson, Dick “Night Train” Lane, and Kurt Warner. The only hall of Famer coach that has been with this team is Earl “Dutch” Clark.


4. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints

The head coach is Sean Payton, and he has been with the team since 2006. They might not have an impressive championship resume like others on this list, but they do deserve to be on it. They have a top-five offensive. Their quarterback, Drew Brees, has made multiple NFL records and is heading into the Hall of Fame. He is being backed by two Pro Bowl running backs and one of Football's best wideouts – Michael Thomas.


5. Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles ChargersAnother team from Los Angele appears on our list. Dean Spanos's Chargers. Eight of their players and one coach have earned a place in the Football Hall of Fame. The most recent entry is running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Their recent relocation back to Los Angeles has received mixed reviews.



6. Carolina Panthers

Although this team doesn't have many playoff appearances and compared to the other teams in this roster is relatively new, they are a well-liked group throughout the Carolinas. According to Forbes Magazine, the team is currently worth over $2.3 billion, although they don't have the best track record. Their historical roster includes three Hall of Famers such as Reggie White and Kevin Greene. Their current running back-quarterback duo (McCaffrey and Newton) makes the Panthers’ run game one of the best in the NFL.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Labelled as the oldest franchise in the AFL, the Steelers have six Super Bowl titles, the most recent one being in 2008 with current head coach Mike Tomlin. They also have more than twenty Hall of Famers and just over thirty Division and Conference Championships. Currently, they are one of the most adaptable offensive teams in the NFL. Randy Fichtner used to be a quarterback for the Steelers until 2010, and now he is their offensive coordinator, and the teamwork between him and current quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has worked out well.


8. Green Bay Packers

The Packers are the third-oldest franchise in NFL history. They were established in 1919 and are the only community-owned and non-profit team in the US. Throughout their history, they have won two Super Bowl Championships, one in 1996 and the other one in 2010. Their head coach is Matt LaFleur, he officially started the 2019 season with them, and we expect many great things from them in the future. The Packers have retired six numbers in honor of the players. Among them are names like Reggie White, Bart Starr, Don Hutson, and Brett Favre. Another well-known name in the team's history is Vince Lombardi, who was their coach from 1959 to 1967.


9. Chicago Bears

The Bears are another team with almost a hundred-year history. The first from the Bears to be enshrined was founder, head coach and player George Halas. The team also holds the record for most entries in the Football Hall of Fame and most retired jerseys. They have won over twenty Division Championships and nine League Championships, including one Super Bowl in 1985. Their current coach is Matt Nagy. He was the Kansas City Chiefs' coach before joining the Chicago Bears, and under his wing, they finished 2018 with a 12-4 record.


10. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a founding member of the NFL since 1953. They have won many Conference and Division titles, also the Super Bowl two times. They have eight retired numbers belonging to legends like Buddy Young, Art Donovan, Johnny Unitas, and Peyton Manning. Their current head coach, as of 2018, is Frank Reich. Unfortunately, their star quarterback Andrew Luck announced that he would be retiring from the NFL.


11. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens The Ravens' history started in 1996. The team has had three coaches in its 23 years, among them Ted Marchibroda and John Billick. Brian Harbaugh is the most recent coach, and according to their latest performance, he’s done an outstanding job. They are the only team in the NFL that holds a perfect record in multiple Super Bowl appearances. Their title collection is also impressive. They have two Super Bowl, two Conference, and five Division Championships. Specifically, for the NFL, they have eleven appearances in total.