If you are truly serious about betting the NFL, you cannot rely only on the “eye test.” Watching games is essential because you may be able to find angles by observing players’ and coaches’ behavior. But if you don’t pay attention to the numbers, then you will lack any depth in your handicapping.

The Best NFL Statistics Websites: Which One to Choose & Why 

An by numbers, we don't mean just the points per game scored by the teams or yards per play thrown by the quarterbacks. There are some statistical categories that you probably don't even suspect they exist. Because of that, some websites will help you get comprehensive data regarding every stat imaginable. 

But where do you find these websites? Well, let us list a few for you right here


We kick-off our list with a website that will give you mind-boggling data hidden after a straightforward and user-friendly interface. But don't we all want that? We want to be able to navigate freely and still harvest all the possible data available.

The home page of NFLsavant lets you select a team for which you want to see some stats. They are all listed in alphabetical order, and each box is colored in the respective team's primary color. Once you pick the organization you wish to view, the fun begins.

What really sets this website apart from all others are, in fact, two things:

  • Their graphics
  • The tendency highlighter

The way the stats are displayed is really important to users. The fact that you get to see graphics makes the whole process very easy to understand. You won't need to see only tables and columns. Instead, each stat has a color, and the size of the graph corresponds to the size/number of that stat.

NFLsavant gives you not only plain stats but also the tendencies of the teams. You can see to which side of the field a team likes to pass the ball. You can also see which way a team runs the ball the most. Additional tendencies include:

  • How many yards a team gains on an average during each down.
  • How many yards a defense allows on each down.
  • From which side a defense rushes the passer the most
  • How many penalties (and what type of penalty) a team commits.
  • What formations a team uses the most on offense and defense.

The “Team Comparison” tab at the top will take you to a page where you will see the activity of every team. This page compares all teams at the same time and not just 2 or 3. You see graphs about how many rushing and passing plays teams run. It is easy to see who’s first and who’s last.

Knowing tendencies is imperative for a successful career as a bettor. This website will assist you in improving your **overall NFL betting strategy**.


One of the most respected websites for NFL stats is Pro-Football-Reference. There’s no stat in the world about the NFL that you wouldn’t be able to find there. It needs to be clarified that the guys running this website also do the same for other sports such as basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and college football.

The moment you see the home page, you realize that you’ve arrived at the right place. On top of the page, we can see the following tabs:

  • Players
  • Teams
  • Seasons
  • Leaders
  • NFL Scores
  • Draft

NFL Players stats

The first section will give you easy access to any sort of player statistics. You get to search for every player alphabetically, but you can also do so by utilizing the search engine of the website. The player's section also contains information about award winners, Super Bowl champions, record holders, and much more.

You can use this part of the website to see the current salaries of the players and to also check on any recent or old injuries. Furthermore, in this section, people can see info on coaches and executives, as well.

NFL Team stats

This tab is a pretty cool one. As you hover over it with your mouse, you will see a dropdown menu containing all the teams in the league. When you click on a team, the site will take you to an individual page devoted to this team's stat lines.

You can see all the statistics that this team has generated for the current season, but nothing stops you from going back as many seasons as you wish. The sub-tabs worth noting here are :

  • Franchise encyclopedia – needless to say, this will show you all the legends of the team together with the accolades and records.
  • Current season stats – you get to see the leaders in each category of the respective team for this year alone. This is also where the most up-to-date injury report is located.
  • Advanced Stats – this tab will allow you to go more in-depth when it comes to rushing, passing, defending, and receiving numbers.
  • Starters & roster – it is evident that here, you will find every player currently on the team with their complete statistics for the respective season. They even tell you when this player was drafted and by who.
  • Games & schedule – this page not only shows you the schedule of the team but also the stats of the opponents for the games that have been already played.
  • Team Draftees – you can view this year’s draft class of that team
  • Injury report – current and past injuries for that team this season.

NFL Seasons

This is for all people who love going back in NFL history to see how teams fared. This page immediately shows you all the Super Bowl matchups since the beginning of time. It also shows you all the league winners before the Super Bowl Era back to 1920.

The best part is that you can click on any season and see what the standings were back then. You can also see the playoff results for this season, as well as the essential team stats.

NFL Leaders

This is the record book of Pro-Football-Reference. Visit it to see the best numbers for the current season that players on every position have generated.


Here you can see advanced stats for every game played during the current NFL season. All in all, the whole website should be one of the first tools that every NFL bettor utilizes when analyzing matchups.


Here, we move to a website that will give you plenty of statistics, but they are all related to betting. Unlike the previous 2 sites that we described, this one will put a heavy emphasis on you winning your weekly NFL picks.

Once you get to the NFL page of TeamRankings, you immediately see the current standings in the league. The record will sort teams. The cool part, however, is that you will also see the team projections based on unique software that TeamRanking uses.

This is where you also see the teams' chances to make the playoffs or even to win the Super Bowl. Already, you are receiving some valuable betting information, especially if you are into **NFL outright betting markets**. By seeing the chances here, you can decide whether the odds you are offered are worth it or not. Such websites will allow all bettors actually to be aware of how much value their picks have.

There are 2 main categories that we are going to highlight here:

  1. Stats
  2. Odds & trends


At first glance, there’s nothing too special here because a dozen other websites will give you team and player stats. But since TeamRankings is devoted especially to betting, they will give you the stats that matter a lot when looking to place a wager.

For example, you will be able to see:

  • Points per quarter
  • Points allowed per quarter
  • Overtime points
  • % possession share by quarter
  • % conversion per down

All of these stats are essential when you are looking to bet derivatives. Many folks place bets specifically on half-time spreads or quarter totals. This is where many bookies utilize generic lines, and if you are familiar with trends, then you will surely be able to monetize on your knowledge.

Additionally, player stats is a useful category for those of you who like to play Fantasy Football.

Odds & Trends

Now here is a section which is simply a gold mine for all bettors. The “odds” sub-section is not anything you will care about as the prices on the current week’s matchups can be viewed everywhere.

However, the “Team Trends” sub-section is where all the “against the spread” (ATS) records are located. This page will allow you to view team records by:

  • Straight up wins and losses
  • Against the spread wins and losses
  • Over/Under the total points

The filters here are handy because they will allow you to detect some trends. Let's say that this week the Lions play an away game versus the Packers. Let's also say that last week was a bye week for the Lions. So here, TeamRankings allows us to go all the way back to 2003 and see the ATS record of the Lions. 

A couple of simple clicks show us that Detroit is 11-5 ATS over the past 16 seasons, giving us a 68%.8 chance to have a winning bet if we bet on them to cover the spread against the Packers. This exactly the type of stuff you want to know before betting a side.


Pregame.com is a website devoted mainly to selling you picks of wise guys. But aside from that, they also possess one vital tool that every bettor must utilize.

Their “Game Center” section contains up-to-date information about where the money is being bet for this week's NFL matchups. The website doesn't tell you which sportsbook's data they're using, but you can see how much money is bet on each game. You also can see which side has the tickets and which side has more money. Why does that matter, you ask?

Well, knowing “where the money goes” is the most trusted way to understand what wise guys are betting. As a general rule, sharps place large sums but few tickets. The public, on the other hand, puts a lot of slips for small amounts.

This means that if we see that the majority of the tickets are bet on a team, then the public is backing this team. If we see that the majority of the cash is on a team, this means that the sharp bettors are backing this team.

Your main goal on this website would be to look for discrepancies in the number of tickets and the amount of money bet on a team. For example, if 65% of the tickets are bet on Dallas but 61% of the cash is bet on the other side, then this shows us that the wise guys are betting against Dallas. It would be smart for us to do the same then.

Marc Lawrence’s Playbook

This is another useful website in which you get to see plenty of data related to NFL betting. Again, here you can buy picks, but that shouldn't be the main reason why you visit this website.

What's really useful is the “Betting tools” section. This is where you will be able to see a head-to-head comparison between the teams facing each other this week. Such information is critical because it will show you how teams behave against an individual opponent.

Together with the H2H stats, you will also be able to see some season stats per team along with their ranking in each category. All in all, you will be ready to go in-depth when it comes to analyzing each separate matchup.

You will also be able to see the historical results between the two teams in question, both straight-up and against the spread.


If you find sufficient time to explore all the websites above, you will surely be armed with plenty of useful info. Don't hesitate to put this info to good use and increase your betting proficiency dramatically.