NFL is the most attended professional sports league and it is also considered to be one of the most-watched sports events in the world. So there is no surprise that the NFL players receive huge salaries and are ranked among the richest sports players. Forbes and Celebrity Net World both offer very thorough lists of the richest NFL players which are being updated each year. In this article, we have compiled a list of the richest NFL players for 2019.

5. Say ‘Hello’ to ‘the greatest quarterback of all time’ – Tom Brady

Tom Brady was born in 1977 in California. Among all five richest players mentioned up to now in this article, he is the only one still playing. Brandy started his football career at the University of Michigan. In 2000 the New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady, thus making their best deal. Apart from becoming one of the leading NFL players, Brady also showed that he is very loyal to his team – he has been playing for the Patriots since 2000 which means for 20 seasons.

He led his team to Super Bowl 9 times and helped them win it 6 times. Probably this is the reason he was twice announced to be the most valuable player of the league. A $ 72-million extension of his contract that he signed in 2012 for four years made him the highest-paid player. For 2019 Tom Brady’s net worth was estimated to be $180 million.

4. Peyton Manning – earning more than enough even off the field

At the age of 42, much younger than the first three on the list, Peyton Manning is a former American football quarterback. He was born in 1976 in Louisiana. Being the son of a famous quarterback – Archie Manning, Peyton quickly became a football star at the University of Tennessee. He played there for four years before he began his professional career.

Manning joined the Indianapolis Colts in 1998 and quarterbacked in their team for more than 18 seasons. In 2011, Manning signed a $90-million contract with the Indianapolis but he had to miss the season because of a neck surgery which required a long period of recovery. In 2012 he said ‘Goodbye’ to the Indianapolis Colts and joined the Denver Broncos and played for them until 2015.

As the heading suggests, Peyton Manning earns a lot even off the football field – famous brands as Reebok, Sony, Wheaties and Papa John’s pay him around $10 million a year to advertise their products.  For 2019 Peyton Manning’s net worth is the same as John Madden’s – $200 million.

3. ‘Gosh!’, ‘Boom’, ‘It’s time…’ to present the third one of our list – John Madden

John Madden is not only known as a former NFL coach but also as one of the most popular sportscasters. He was born in Minnesota in 1936.  Unlike Al Davis, Madden played football at college and he even earned a football scholarship for the University of Oregon. However, his professional football career didn’t meet with success because of a knee injury. This is how he ended up being an assistant coach in 1960. Some years later he became the head coach of Oakland Raiders which is one of the things he had in common with Al Davis.

While he was the head coach of the Raiders, they won a Super Bowl. In 1980 Madden started his broadcasting career. Due to his professionalism and recognizable sense of humor, he became one of the most popular sportscasters of America. Apart from being a former coach and announcer, John Madden also became famous for his books and television commercials. Another thing that he has in common with Al Davis is that he was also inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame which happened in 2006. For 2019, Madden’s net worth is $200 million.

2. Al Davis and the motto of his team – ‘Just win, baby!’

Al Davis was born in Massachusetts in 1929 in a family of Jews which would later play a huge role in his vision of civil rights.  An interesting fact is that in his college years, Al Davis’s choice of sports was not football but basketball. This made him one of the very few coaches in NFL who has never played football even in his college years. However, this was not an obstacle for Davis to be an executive, an assistant coach, a head coach, a general manager and an owner of a very successful club as the Oakland Raiders.

Al Davis became the owner of the Raiders in 1972 and was such until 2011, when he died. During the years of his management of the team, they were one of the most successful football teams from the 1970s to 1980s but showed some decline afterward. He managed to lead them to win three Super Bowl titles. 1992 was the year when Davis was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His net worth for 2019 was estimated at $500 million.

1. Roger Staubach, also known as Captain America

Don’t get confused by this heading, Roger Staubach is not an Avengers hero but the richest former NFL player for 2019. Staubach has German roots but he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1942. He became famous in 1970, after joining the Dallas Cowboys in 1969 as a quarterback. He played with that team for 11 seasons. Over the course of these years, the Dallas Cowboys reached the Super Bowl five times. Staubach was also the main reason for the Cowboys to win Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII.

Even though Staubach is retired now, he will always remain in the history of NFL as the Super Bowl VI’s most valuable player and as the first player who won both the Heisman and the Super Bowl Trophy. There is one last question that has not been answered – Why is he the richest NFL player? Well, for 2019 his net worth was valued at $600 million which is $100 million more than the second one on the list of the richest players – Al Davis.