A total 2020 review has now been completed for the FanDuel sportsbook. This exciting new site approaches the sports betting market from a slightly different angle, and it is certainly one that provides unique features and exciting opportunities for sports bettors. The full review is now available through this article. 

FanDuel Sportsbook Review: The Most Popular Offers

Sports and Markets Available

First and foremost, the FanDuel site provides a respectable number of 15 sports to bet on, which is higher than the majority of sportsbooks seen with other USA betting providers. They have covered quite literally all of the North American sports including but not limited to Baseball, Basketball, College Football, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Boxing, and College Basketball.

Despite this coverage of popular North American sports, the markets are often limited unless they are covering a very popular event. The standard set of the market offers seen for the sports are simply spread bets, over/under bets and money line bets. However, when they do cover a popular event, you will often have a market selection ranging between 20 and 30 markets, which again aren’t particularly extensive. 

The good thing about the FanDuel site is that they don't show any bias towards North American sports. We know this since they take a particular interest in other global and European sports such as golf, tennis, cricket, and MMA events that are taking place across the world.

Within the sportsbook, it is also quite cool that they have shortcuts to popular events that are either in play or coming soon. These can be found in the top left of the sportsbook, although they are typically focused on North American sports. But to the site's credit, it's quite rare that they miss a major event for any of the popular leagues available on the site. This is not easy to find with online bookmakers, and it is definitely something to be admired with FanDuel. 

Odds and Limits 

FanDuel is still quite integrated with the world of fantasy sports leagues. So it would be very fair to say that they provide excellent odds for fantasy leagues since members of the site can still access them. However, now they have chosen to integrate a full sportsbook into the site we must take a look at how competitive they are in the market.

After careful review, and after looking at multiple events within multiple different sports, we have reached the conclusion that the odds available with FanDuel are relatively average. This basically means that the value you can get with FanDuel is essentially the same as what you can get elsewhere. But there is an interesting twist that will definitely draw members’ attention to the FanDuel sportsbook.

More recently they have started to implement a strategy that is often seen with European bookmakers rather than with USA bookmakers. They have started to publish well in advance events that will be included for the daily odds boost, and they even have flash odds boost for sporting events that are taking place that day. An odds boost promotion basically gives you the chance to bet on a team with higher odds than you would usually get. And of course, if the bet goes on to win, the site will pay you a larger amount than they would have done without the odds boost.

Yes, this is a great feature of the site, however, if your selected events do not have these odds boosts available then you will likely only receive average odds.

Available Promotions 

New customers on the FanDuel site can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $500 in free cash. FanDuel is currently running this promotion throughout 2020, and if you lose your first bet in the sportsbook FanDuel will credit your account back with the staked amount – capped at $500. This is a fantastic way to get started in your sports betting endeavors with FanDuel, and the site also does not limit the sports that you can bet this bonus money on. 

Besides the welcome offer, there are other bonuses that you can access with FanDuel. In fact, one of the best promotions they are currently running is the keep your cash promotion for existing players. By taking part in a 20-question quiz free of charge, you can potentially win up to 1 million dollars if you are able to answer all the questions correctly. Of course, this is unlikely, but this is a large bonus considering there are no entry fees. 

And on top of this promotion, FanDuel has three others for existing members. One of them is focused on parlay bets, where if one team lets you down in a parlay of five or more teams you will get $25 back. Another one is for hockey, whereby if you bet $25 on one team you will get $5 extra for each time they score. And the final one is ‘A Close Shave’ promotion, whereby if your team loses by 6 or fewer points In the NFL you can get up to a $50 refund. 

FanDuel Sportsbook Review: Additional Features 

Live Streaming 

Unfortunately, FanDuel does not currently support live streaming for any of their available sports. Although when you do go into the live betting section, you will see a play for play graphic for what is currently happening in the game. This isn't quite the same as being able to watch the action live, however. 

FanDuel Mobile App 

The mobile app for FanDuel is actually quite interesting. Rather than develop a purely mobile interface, they have implemented a feature that allows you to toggle the display to match the desktop. This is something that is rarely seen with betting providers in the USA, although it's certainly simplified the app and made it incredibly easy to use. 

Final Thoughts: One of the Best in the US, Recommended

The FanDuel sportsbook has all of the features necessary for intermediate to advanced sports bettors to get involved with the platform. With just 15 sports available, you could say that the range is limited, although their customers will no doubt appreciate that they can bet on all of the North American sports. The only criticism really is that you cannot watch the games with any sort of live streaming service, but this isn't the end of the world.

And with FanDuel, it would seem the case that when one door closes another door opens. So given that they do not have live streaming, they do have another very inviting feature. The fact that you can lock in boosted odds for multiple events each day is a massive deal. This, of course, gives FanDuel an edge over the competition, and ensures that their members remain loyal thanks to these regular promotions.

All in all, FanDuel’s reputation doesn't really need a seal of approval. Their association with fantasy sports created their initial reputation, and these site developments are further solidifying the quality that FanDuel will stand for years to come. 

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